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Produced & Directed by Thom Powers & Meema Spadola
(a presentation of HBO America Undercover)

The shock value, both verbal and visual, is considerable. But [Private Dicks] is neither prurient nor offensive... [The men are] the picture of honesty and vulnerability.
- TV Guide

Men spend a lot of time thinking about their penises, and even thinking with their penises. But rarely do we hear men talking honestly about their penises—until now.Surveying young and old, gay and straight, large and small, virgin and porn star, from all walks of life, Private Dicks: Men Exposed explores the naked truth about how men feel about their penises. The men, many of whom appear nude, offer personal revelations that are honest, humorous and often poignant as they frankly discuss puberty, power, impotence, circumcision, sexuality, myths and perceptions, growing old, and, of course, size. Interspersed with clips from vintage sex education films and humorous cartoons, Private Dicks: Men Exposed provides a rare opportunity for both interviewees and audience to begin an honest conversation about masculinity, power, vulnerability, sex and love-all seen through the lens of a man's relationship to his penis.



Alternately funny and quite literally touching, they let it all hang out to achieve something close to wisdom.
- Entertainment Weekly

It's often funny, poignant and mostly revealing, providing valuable insight into how men shape their identity from the size and shape of their private parts.
- Hollywood Reporter

In one penis-packed hour, more than 20 subjects, ages 17 to 73, not only strip but speak, grappling honestly and graphically with such topics as masturbation, size, impotence, vasectomies, and circumcision.
- New Woman