Our House: a very real documentary about kids of gay & lesbian parents

Available on video from First Run / Icarus Films 800-876-1710 / mailroom@frif.com

Produced & Directed by Meema Spadola
(A Presentation of ITVS)

I've spent my entire life explaining my family to people who just don't get it. -Ry, 17, daughter of lesbian mothers

OUR HOUSE is a frank exploration of what it means to grow up with gay or lesbian parents. In the United States today, estimates of the number of children of gay and lesbian parents range wildly from one million to fourteen million. Their presence is raising public and private debates in courtrooms, schools, and churches around the country, offering a new twist to the struggle to define "family values." The documentary profiles the children in five families who are facing the usual ups and downs of family life while encountering varied reactions from extended family, classmates, teachers, neighbors and public officials. The featured families come from a variety of socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds and live in urban, suburban, and rural communities in New York, New Jersey, Arizona and Arkansas. (Producer/ director Meema Spadola grew up in rural Maine as the daughter of a lesbian.) To find the families in the documentary, Spadola and her staff worked with COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) and used extensive grass roots contacts to reach almost 300 gay and lesbian families around the country.



New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2000

OutFest 2000 LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


An uplifting portrait of a situation clearly more common than some might think.
-Entertainment Weekly

An honest and affecting film about what it is like to grow up with gay parents and the self-understanding that comes along the way.
-NY Blade News

-New York Newsday

-Time Out New York